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Rick Moses
Rick Moses

After years in the public eye as a reluctant star, Rick Moses walked away without ceremony and without looking back in order to pursue his own inner journey. After a long hiatus out of sight, Moses has returned with a brilliant new CD, “Evil and Dangerous Men” on Solaris Records. So what happened to him? Where has he been all these years? What has he discovered? The answers to these questions and more can be found and interpreted in the melodies and introspective lyrics of his music.

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The Hailers
The Hailers

Fun, original, confident, dramatic, uncompromising, rousing, organic, fiery, witty, passionate and reflective, are some of the words which may come to mind when describing The Hailers music. A band who embraces their eclectic influences, who are able to reach into the souls of many and bring a new experience to their audiences.

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The Contenders
The Contenders

The Contenders are a rock band at first glance, but the swirling string arrangements, pop bass lines, and flowing rhythms of each song, present the band in a new light. Each member of the band comes from a different background of musical training, and each member offers a unique perspective on what The Contenders should be. This synthesis of different influences, and common love of performing on stage, creates the dynamic Contenders.

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Jay Woelfel
Jay Woelfel

Jay Woelfel has spent his career working in all phases of production and post production in film, video, and interactive productions. Jay won the Interactive Academy Award for Best Documentary for TITANIC, a project he wrote and directed which was narrated by Patrick Stewart. It is one of five awards Titanic has won since its release in 1994. In 1993 he won an OBIE and TWO EMMY awards for his production of NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE'S THE BIRTHMARK.

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Solaris Productions is more than just a record company.

While music is our main focus, we also produce content for motion pictures, television and Internet.


"The Rick Moses of today is a storyteller for the underdog, a chronicler of real life. He notes time and time again that life is full of pain - so get ready. And have faith. The Rick Moses of yesterday was an actor and a musician in Hollywood. He appeared in many feature length films as well as a plethora of television series and yes, even in a soap opera. That’s quite a resume for a man that can musically strip away multiple layers of phony human varnish and reveal the truth suspended below the surface."


~ R J Lannan of

The Sounding Board


Reflected Light- Rick's vocals and delivery remind me of David Bowie a bit (not just in this song, but many of them). I like the beat- very hopeful. The guitar playing really shines through beautifully.

Save My Soul- Like the album description states, his music has a definite point of view which shines through brilliantly on this song.

American Dream- nice keys opening. Gorgeous! I was very drawn to this song. Rick's vocals have a very delicate deliverance."

Album Impression- Once I gave The Reality Express the ‘twice-over’, I stopped viewing it as an album and saw it more as a music book- each song in itself as a chapter with a story you’re on baited breath to see how it unravels and ends. While his songs could easily be individual stand-alones in their own right, the album is cohesive and works as one solid piece, too, and that is the magic of Rick Moses. I’d proudly recommend this album to fans of any age.

~ Jenn Mitchell of

Screamer Magazine

The  Heart of the King (2022)

on Solaris Sound and Vision.


Contemporary rock with a definite point of view.





"Rick Moses’ album, The Reality Express, is like a musical goodie box in many ways. You reach in, wondering all the while, what auditory treat you’ll draw next. And you are not disappointed. Each song is different in terms of its melody and lyrics and yet, the album works as a collection, held together by the common threads of a beautiful guitar sound and smoky vocals. If ‘California Night’ is the quintessential heartbreak city song, the funky notes of ‘Zombies with Spoons’ are almost Jamiroquai meeting Elvis’ ‘Blue Suede Shoes’.
Moses’ voice is like a good single malt scotch whisky – rich and smooth - and against the backdrop of the lilting guitar, it gives the album a very Dire Straits-like feel, especially in songs like ‘Last Man Standing’ and ‘American Dream’. This, however, does not take away from the individuality or uniqueness of the album’s overall sound in any way. If anything, it makes the sound more distinctive. All in all, this album is an acoustic journey. You’re sure to enjoy the ride!"

- Tanushree Mukherjee,

Correspondent,  The Times of India


"The Reality Express is a fantastic album release from Rick Moses, who happens to be a wonderful tunesmith, guitarist, singer, songwriter,  and poet. Yes [he's] one of the finest lyricist of the 21st century.This CD is truly a gift."

~ Robert Mills of The Hailers

Rick Moses

"The Heart

of the King"


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