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Look At Us Now - The Hailers
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"Look At Us Now" (2017)

A single release from The Hailers new album

Escape to Your Heart.

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The Hailers are living proof of The Spirit of Music. Their music manifests an energy in each given performance, bringing the audience a physical/emotional response to art. Their shows embody an authenticity that comes from the unwavering dedication to their craft. They will hail upon you their eclectic enriched cultural influences with songs that are fun, original, confident, dramatic and uncompromising, taking the best elements of classic rock and bringing it to today’s times. Their music will give you a sense of familiarity from the Celtic influences of U2, to the harmonies of Fleetwood Mac to the sultry psychedelic rock of Pink Floyd.

The Hailers  were originally formed by singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Robert Mills (formerly  named "The Loud Hailers") in his native Wales/UK, where he released several albums featured on S4C and BBC television and radio and for three consecutive years,  the winning recipient of the Welsh Rock & Pop Awards.

With Robert's geographic move, the band has since evolved into the current U.S. ensemble which includes bassist and songwriting partner, April Carson, known for her presence in The Wild Hairs, Misguided and Ron Keel's Fair Game.

The band is currently being featured on local college radio receiving airplay of two songs from their most recent CD Thirteen Souls (produced by legendary platinum producer/engineer David Devore, whose credits include Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Santana, Foreigner, Niles Lofgren and REO Speedwagon). Their single, "Luanne"  is in the top ten of the Celtic Charts while their song "Motion of Change" continues to be featured on radio throughout Europe, including, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain.  In addition, their upcoming October 30, 2017 CD release “Escape to Your Heart” (recorded live), features The Hailers in their true element doing what they do best, expanding their music into new territories with a valid realism.

The Hailers have managed to prevail in today's music industry with their honesty, ambition, strong work ethic and signature sound. Their respect for good songwriting and the recognition for each member’s talent is what drives the band forward. Their organic approach to the music and their connection with their audience is what keeps fans coming back for more and in turn, the making of successful shows. Since the band's inception, in addition to headlining their own shows, they have been the support band for other headliner acts, such as The Motels, John Kay & Steppenwolf, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Alarm, The Babys, Felix Cavaliere & The Rascals, Big Country, Psychedelic Furs, John Martin, Dr. Feelgood, Taj Mahal, Toto and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.. The Hailers have performed at numerous venues throughout Southern California including The Saban Theater, The Canyon Club, The Rose in Pasadena, The Cap Theatre, The Jon Lovitz Theatre, House of Blues, Paladinos, The Maverick Saloon, On the Rox, BeX Bar, Molly Malones, Joes Great American Bar & Grill, The Black Rose Tavern, The Malibu Inn, and many more which has given them the opportunity to manifest a strong fan base. 


Documentary by: Adam Moses. View more of Adam Moses's work here.


"The Rick Moses of today is a storyteller for the underdog, a chronicler of real life. He notes time and time again that life is full of pain - so get ready. And have faith. The Rick Moses of yesterday was an actor and a musician in Hollywood. He appeared in many feature length films as well as a plethora of television series and yes, even in a soap opera. That’s quite a resume for a man that can musically strip away multiple layers of phony human varnish and reveal the truth suspended below the surface."


~ R J Lannan of

The Sounding Board


Reflected Light- Rick's vocals and delivery remind me of David Bowie a bit (not just in this song, but many of them). I like the beat- very hopeful. The guitar playing really shines through beautifully.

Save My Soul- Like the album description states, his music has a definite point of view which shines through brilliantly on this song.

American Dream- nice keys opening. Gorgeous! I was very drawn to this song. Rick's vocals have a very delicate deliverance."

Album Impression- Once I gave The Reality Express the ‘twice-over’, I stopped viewing it as an album and saw it more as a music book- each song in itself as a chapter with a story you’re on baited breath to see how it unravels and ends. While his songs could easily be individual stand-alones in their own right, the album is cohesive and works as one solid piece, too, and that is the magic of Rick Moses. I’d proudly recommend this album to fans of any age.

~ Jenn Mitchell of

Screamer Magazine

The  Heart of the King (2022)

on Solaris Sound and Vision.


Contemporary rock with a definite point of view.





"Rick Moses’ album, The Reality Express, is like a musical goodie box in many ways. You reach in, wondering all the while, what auditory treat you’ll draw next. And you are not disappointed. Each song is different in terms of its melody and lyrics and yet, the album works as a collection, held together by the common threads of a beautiful guitar sound and smoky vocals. If ‘California Night’ is the quintessential heartbreak city song, the funky notes of ‘Zombies with Spoons’ are almost Jamiroquai meeting Elvis’ ‘Blue Suede Shoes’.
Moses’ voice is like a good single malt scotch whisky – rich and smooth - and against the backdrop of the lilting guitar, it gives the album a very Dire Straits-like feel, especially in songs like ‘Last Man Standing’ and ‘American Dream’. This, however, does not take away from the individuality or uniqueness of the album’s overall sound in any way. If anything, it makes the sound more distinctive. All in all, this album is an acoustic journey. You’re sure to enjoy the ride!"

- Tanushree Mukherjee,

Correspondent,  The Times of India


"The Reality Express is a fantastic album release from Rick Moses, who happens to be a wonderful tunesmith, guitarist, singer, songwriter,  and poet. Yes [he's] one of the finest lyricist of the 21st century.This CD is truly a gift."

~ Robert Mills of The Hailers

Rick Moses

"The Heart

of the King"


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